A Tabletop Transmission Computed Tomography Scanner

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Clifford, Rebekah
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Houghton College
A first generation computed tomography (CT) scanner allows for a cross-sectional slice of an object to be analyzed by x-rays passing through the material. These images are created by recording the x-ray energy spectrum at a specified number of translational and rotational steps. Instead of an x-ray tube, 22Na will be used as the radiation source in conjunction with two sodium-iodide scintillation detectors. The source and detectors will remain co-linear and stationary, while the object to be scanned will rotate and translate. During the last two years, the rotation and translation table have been assembled and progress has been made towards a computer code to control the motors that translate and rotate the table on which the object is placed. Once this program has been completed, the source and detectors will be installed and the scanner will be tested.
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