Measurement of the Transverse Doppler Shift Using the Mössbauer Effect Coats, Micah 2020-05-15T18:50:15Z 2020-05-15T18:50:15Z 2020-05-15
dc.description.abstract An undergraduate experiment to measure the transverse Doppler shift in an accelerating reference frame using the Mössbauer effect is being designed at Houghton College. Since Einstein’s equivalence principle can also be applied in an accelerating reference frame the experiment will be a test of the equivalence principle and therefore general relativity. No published undergraduate experiments testing general relativity have been published so the design of this experiment would be pioneering. Recent work has focused on making weak 57Co Mössbauer sources suitable for undergraduate settings and on the design of the experiment. The use of weak Mössbauer sources is made possible with a coincidence technique that reduces background.
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dc.title Measurement of the Transverse Doppler Shift Using the Mössbauer Effect
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