Modifications to the Houghton XRD

dc.contributor.authorOlandt, Sarah
dc.description.abstractModifications have been made to the Houghton College X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) which will be used for analysis of thin films. The Bragg-Brentano theta 2-theta XRD contains a Phillips-Norelco x-ray source powered by a 40 kV power supply. A Vernier student radiation monitor is mounted to a Lin Engineering 101411 stepper motor to collect data that is analyzed using LoggerPro software. Adjustments have been made to the LabVIEW program used to control the stepper motors for the radiation monitor and the thin film sample in order to maintain consistency and accuracy as they rotate along a semi-circular path. Safety modifications have also been completed, including shielding and interlocks for the apparatus to protect the surrounding room as x-rays are directed towards the sample.
dc.publisherHoughton College
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dc.subjectStudent Projects
dc.titleModifications to the Houghton XRD
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