A Study of Tailored Oriented Thin Silver Films by X-ray Diffraction

dc.contributor.author Timian, Lindsay
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dc.date.issued 2010-05-17
dc.description.abstract The transition of crystal orientations in tailored oriented thin silver films were studied; specifically, the transition from fcc(111) to fcc(100) orientations of films ranging in thickness from 1 nm to 1000 nm. The films were deposited via electron beam evaporation onto a silicon substrate in a high vacuum chamber and passivated through sputter deposition. After thickness measurements were taken they were annealed for various times and temperatures. Putting an adhesion promoter layer of titanium on both sides of a thin film of silver sharpened the transition of silver grains between the 111 and 100 orientations. The titanium layer was deposited with a thickness gradient, to determine the thickness at which the adhesive properties of titanium took effect. Also, the percentage of the film’s volume that transitioned to fcc(100) increased with anneal temperature and time.
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dc.title A Study of Tailored Oriented Thin Silver Films by X-ray Diffraction
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