Development and Integration of a Low Cost, High Voltage Power Supply Into a Thin Film Deposition System

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Redman, Andrew
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Houghton College
An apparatus was constructed to systematically deposit thin metal films using thermionic emission. Rough vacuum is reached by a rotary pump and a turbomolecular pump is used to lower the pressure to 3x10-7 Torr. Thermionic emission is achieved by passing current through a tungsten filament floating at a -3 kV relative to the target material. Two 2 kV transformers designed for use in a microwave oven were used to create a safety interlocked, low cost, high voltage power supply capable of supplying 0.1 A peak current at 3 kV. Tests are being conducted to determine the consistency of the power supply and create a repeatable process for depositing a thin film. While deposition has not yet been achieved, the power supply is capable of delivering enough power to facilitate deposition. Power factor corrections to the power supply as well as future work are discussed.
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