A Preliminary Design for a Small Permanent Magnet Cyclotron

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King, Barry
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Houghton College
A small cyclotron is being constructed using a 0.5 T permanent magnet and a vacuum chamber containing a single brass RF electrode. In this design the magnetic field strength may be modified by adjusting the separation of two iron pole pieces, which will be sealed to the chamber using vacuum grease. The chamber will be filled with low pressure hydrogen gas which will be ionized by electrons from a cathode at the center of the chamber. The required 3.6 to 11.5 MHz RF power will be supplied by a commercial RF amplifier. A diffusion pump backed by a voluntary forepump and a liquid nitrogen cold trap will be used to evacuate the chamber. Expected energies are 37.5 keV and 87.7 keV for protons and 18.7 keV and 43.8 keV for deuterons.
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