Thin Metal Film Physical Vapor Deposition System

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Bowman, Matthew
Hoffman, Brandon
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Houghton University
A low-cost, thin film deposition system utilizing physical vapor deposition is being constructed at Houghton University. A mechanical and turbomolecular pump lower the chamber to a base pressure of 10-6 Torr. Three graphite crucibles are heated via thermionic emission from three corresponding tungsten filaments. Each filament floats at up to -4 kV with individually controlled currents of up to 3 A. The use of three separate crucibles and filaments allows for the deposition of up to three different materials either simultaneously or sequentially. The 10 cm Si substrate onto which the metals are deposited is mounted on a rotatable feedthrough behind a stepper motor-controlled linear shutter, which provides a method for depositing with a thickness gradient. A Giedd and Perkins evaporation rate monitor allows controlled deposition. The chamber is currently capable of producing films and is being retrofitted to use an Arduino to control the deposition process more easily.
XLI Annual Rochester Symposium for Physics Students, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), April 15, 2023
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