A Study of Individual and Collective Brazilian Subjectivity through the Makings of the EP (C)ASA

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Suzano Fernandes Lima, Milena
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Houghton University
(C)ASA is a subjective expression of the collective and individual Brazilian consciousness into a post-modern social context. It does not give emphasis to exoticism but to the issues, suffering, desire and, of course, consciousness of this group of people. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and describe this subjectivity through the music production process of the EP. In this paper, the music production process is treated as a symbolic speech act. All creational processes will be described and analyzed through a psychoanalytical lens in order to elaborate their symbolism. This paper will document all technical decisions made during the construction of the EP as well as clarify some characteristics of music production. It is important to clarify that the post-production phase – mixing or mastering – will not be covered, but the compositional and recording process only. Finally, the thoughts written on following pages exist to demonstrate how art is functioning in a deeper level of expression in the musical work of (C)ASA. Here, music is not expressing the artist’s self only, but the context in which they live. In other words, it is portraying an individual and collective identity.
Sound recording industry , Musical analysis
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