A Study of Weak Magnetic Focusing

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Morrow, Sylvia
Yuly, Mark
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Houghton College
The small cyclotron at Houghton College loses at least 80% of the beam due to collisions with the dees and chamber walls. Weak magnetic focusing is being studied as a technique to reduce this problem by altering the magnetic field, which is currently nearly uniform, to create a greater radial magnetic field component which will create a restoring force to return ions to the central orbit plane. A computer model of the magnet and chamber is being to developed to design magnet shims that will give the most advantageous magnetic field shape for good focusing. A two dimensional cross section of the magnet has been modeled using Poisson Superfish, the results of which were used to track ions with the Simion 8.0 code. The model can be used to simulate various options for shim sizes and configurations the results of which will determine which shims will eventually be tested. Results of the computer model were compared with analytical results using a simplified model.
XXXIII Annual Rochester Symposium for Physics Students, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY., April 5, 2014; Penn-York Undergraduate Research Association Conference, Houghton College, Houghton, NY 14744. Nov. 1, 2014.
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