Design and Construction of a Variable Temperature Atomic Force Microscope Little, Bethany Hoffman, Brandon 2007-04-21T18:50:15Z 2007-04-21T18:50:15Z 2007-04-21
dc.description.abstract A variable temperature atomic force microscope is being constructed at Houghton College. The microscope will operate in a rough vacuum and will utilize spring vibration isolation and eddy current damping to minimize mechanical vibration. A modified "Johnny Walker" beetle is being constructed for the rough approach. The sample will be mounted onto the walker scanning head and scanned across a fixed cantilever tip and laser assembly. When completed, resolution should be on the order of nanometers. Liquid nitrogen and resistive heating will allow operation from ~100 K to 500 K.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility XXVI Annual Rochester Symposium for Physics Students, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY., April 21, 2007.
dc.publisher Houghton College
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dc.subject Student Projects
dc.title Design and Construction of a Variable Temperature Atomic Force Microscope
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