Design and Construction of a Deposition Chamber for Thin Metal Films Research

dc.contributor.authorAikens, Kurt
dc.description.abstractA high vacuum deposition chamber is being built at Houghton College for the production and study of thin metal films. Up to four electron-beam heated crucibles will be used to evaporate metals whose evaporate is adsorbed onto a substrate, forming a film. Evaporation rates may be monitored via crucible temperatures or direct measurement of the ionized flux. The chamber will feature a computer-controlled shield enabling the deposition of samples with varying thickness gradients and an ion gun for substrate cleaning and ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD). The history and theory of vacuum and deposition technologies are discussed. Future plans and current progress are also presented.
dc.publisherHoughton College
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dc.subjectStudent Projects
dc.titleDesign and Construction of a Deposition Chamber for Thin Metal Films Research
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