An Experiment Simulating the Production, Capture, and Detection of 8Li from an ICF Implosion

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2023-04-15 , 2022-10-17
Lei, Chunsun
Hotchkiss, Andrew
Brown, Adam E.
Martin, Andrew L.
Yuly, Mark
McLean, James G.
Padalino, Stephen J.
Forrest, Chad J.
Sangster, Thomas C.
Regan, Sean P.
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Houghton University
Inertial confinement fusion (ICF) is a possible tool for measuring light-ion nuclear cross sections. One way to do this might be to trap and detect the radioactive decays of the product nuclei produced using a doped target capsule. Some of the highest yield light-ion reactions that could be studied using this technique are 6Li(t,p) 8Li and 9Be(t,α) 8Li, both of which produce 8Li . In order to simulate this method, a natural lithium film was deposited onto a tungsten substrate, which was then activated via the 7Li(d,p) 8Li reaction using the SUNY Geneseo Pelletron accelerator. A current pulse of up to 1000 A was discharged through the tungsten raising its temperature to as high as about 1500 °C in less than a few milliseconds, causing the lithium to rapidly evaporate and produce a gas of neutral lithium atoms which then travelled outward and stuck to the aluminum getter detector foil of the Short-Lived Isotope Counting System (SLICS). This phoswich detector was used to identify beta particles and count in situ the 840 ms beta decay curve for 8Li as a function of time in order to estimate the efficiency of SLICS for trapping and detecting ICF reaction products. Funded in part by a grant from the DOE through the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and by SUNY Geneseo and Houghton University.
XLI Annual Rochester Symposium for Physics Students, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), April 15, 2023.
64th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Spokane, WA, October 17-21, 2022.
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