Design and Construction of a Sample Holder and Heater Apparatus for Thin Film Stress Measurements.

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Silvernail, Adam
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Houghton College
Thin film stress may be characterized through curvature measurements due to film strain. One way to change and control film stress is through a change in temperature while the film and substrate have varying coefficients of thermal expansion. To control the temperature of the film/substrate system, a sample holder and heater have been constructed for the Houghton College deposition chamber. Samples will be heated while under vacuum while measuring the resulting change in film/substrate curvature as a function of temperature for various materials, such as silver and titanium, using an interferometer. Film stress may be calculated directly from the film curvature using appropriate models such as the Stoney formula. Various models for relating curvature and stress will be discussed, as well as a description of the Houghton College deposition apparatus.
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