Music Industry in the Post-Pandemic World: A Possible Path Forward

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Horsth Vieira, Marcio Freire
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Houghton University
Around the world the COVID-19 pandemic has altered every sector of society, including the music industry. Prompt enforcement of compliance to safety measures and lockdown canceled live music events and recording sessions alike, immediately restricting even the slightest possibility of in-person interaction. As a consequence of that chaotic event, music-making and music consumption shifted overnight to the digital world, namely the virtual modality of interaction or remote interaction. Not only does this paper analyze the changes implemented as soon as chaos broke out, but it also investigates the abilities of humans adapting to an entirely unusual scenario. So far, it seems as though the current status quo will linger indefinitely, due to unexpected variants of the disease that will come up without warning. That implies continuing adaptation. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the adaptation alluded to are investigated, which will include interviews with a number of music industry experts. Eventually, the sublimity of a new beginning is envisioned by means of a proposal that will allow for inclusion and accessibility in the midst of what seems to be a time of lingering instability. All in all, what I suggest is a model of coexistence of the actual and the virtual modalities of interaction. Whether going back to the old normal or not, such a model aspires to benefit the music industry professionals as well as audiences everywhere, hopefully preparing both for prospective changes in the days to come.
Sound recording industry , COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020-
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