Gamma Vibrational Band in 70Ge

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Morrow, Sylvia
Haring-Kaye, R.A.
Elder, R.M.
Tabor, S.L.
Tripathi, V.
Bender, P.C.
Medina, N.H.
Allegro, P.
Döring, J.
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Houghton College
The main purpose of this study was to find the odd-spin members of the y vibration band in 70Ge and to extend this band to as high a spin as possible. This focus was chosen, in part, in response to the recent discovery of rigid triaxial deformation at low spin in the y vibrational band in 76Ge. This study focused on building on energy levels in the most recently published 70Ge level scheme that stood out as possible candidates for the foundation of a y vibrational band and on inferring the shape associated with this structure.
2013 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics, October 23–26, 2013; Newport News, Virginia; awarded 3rd place at APS Northeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, Penn State University, January 17-19 2014.
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